Herbal Incense Temecula

Herbal Incense Temecula

Temecula, California home of the Herbal Incense farms. Temecula is a city in Southern California. It’s known for the surrounding Temecula Valley Wine Country, with its hillside vineyards and many golf courses. The city’s Old Town area has 1800s buildings, antiques shops and restaurants.

People in Temecula such as Maher play god (Allah) with hard working people. Maher and his family of Muslim brother and sisters and even his wife from Islam get money from the sales of Herbal Incense and other ventures to be named later.

Does anyone want Muslims in their country?

Denmark’s Ban on Muslim Face Veil Is Met With Protest

People like Maher seem to be so loving and happy to be in America. But this is just a LIE/ Muslim’s like Maher and his family Walid, Sozan, Louis, Abeer, Said Mohamed, Awadallah and many more I can name have used their Social Security numbers and addresses to get merchant accounts and pay their supreme god Allah (God in Islam)


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