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Audio Review of Joker Herbal Incense from Shannon M.

Joker arrived quickly, and the entire transaction was professional. Upon opening, the package was packed with four grams of incense. The blackcurrant aroma flowed out of the package, and although it was overwhelming, it was also wonderful smelling. The herb itself has a nice fluffy texture. Our herbal incense is high in quality yet surprisingly affordable. This product may be a Joker but we are not fooling around. THE JOKER IS HAS BEEN ONE OF MY TOP 8 OUT OF MY 10 BEST BRANDS. I WILL ALWAYS GET IT NOW AND THEN BETWEEN OTHER CHOICES . YEAH IT`S COOL . NOW BACK TO SHOPPING……….THANKS S4F. John(Posted on 3/1/2015)

Can’t go wrong here joker and mind trip are always very good (Posted on 1/15/2015)
good product Review by magpie

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