The Dead Man Walking Incense is extremely powerful, sharp, crisp and spicy. Ready to boost your …Dead Man Walking Herbal Incense is now available to you by popular demands!  Dead Man Walking is not your typical herbal blend! Show respect to this very potent and pure herbal incense that will kick every ass Dead Man Walking is generally a powerful incense. The name is catchy, and I suppose in retrospect appropriate enough seeing as how after it fades you may be too dead tired to walk right. Burning Dead Man Walking will induce a feeling perceptible in both the body and the mind, but is almost numbing and lacking much stimulation. The scent is notably bland, significantly more so than Black Mamba in fact. This is still a good one to have on the market for those who enjoy their moments of narcosis (not necessarily a bad thing)


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24k Monkey 10 gram Herbal Incense

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