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Herbal Incense price for a 10 gram bag is normally $50 dollars to $75 dollars.

Sometimes people who want wholesale purchase 50 to 100 bags at a time and get it for $25 dollars a 10 gram bag or $2.50 per gram. Marijuana goes for $ 10  to 14 per gram depending on how much you purchase and how good the Marijuana potency. AromaJane, which is the Herbal Incense Weedmaps has all of the information regarding the comparison of Aroma to Weed

Some Herbal Incense websites offer BOGO or Buy One Get one free but limit which aroma you can purchase. They do this because they hope you believe that one aroma has more aroma juice then around. Well in American, aka the Good Old USA we believe the market will decide what is best and Buy one get one free for all aromas seems work right now. Although we do reserve the right to change this marketing effort one way or another.

Herbal Incense Buy One Get One Free

The Aroma Republic has built it’s reputation on the Buy one get one free herbal incense concept since 2012. You do not need to put in a coupon just tell us in the order notes that you want to Double your order and we will. Herbal Incense aka Synthetic Marijuana is made with Damiana leaf and Marshmallow leaf along with other herbal incense spices to give it the flavor and intense feeling.






All you can see these leaves look like Marijuana and as such get the name Synthetic Marijuana. If you have any other questions please feel free to comment below.

5 thoughts on “Herbal Incense Bogo

  1. wearylearylsd25 says:

    i ordered as above said on yahoo ad i only trust u and me im just lazy but i ordered figuring on bogo add says bogo smalls the aroma republic was so good with the discreet shipping and the product was off the hook

  2. jeremy haas says:

    i feel that i could always relly on seeing the best from aroma republic

    I would not go to the other websites that just copy aroma republic

    I have been buying from the aroma republic since 2012 and if I have a problem they rush to fix it

    so I am happy customer


  3. Tanja Brooks says:

    I’ve been a loyal customer for quite some time now. I’ve ordered upwards of 500.00 per order in the past. I just wanted to say out of all of the aroma websites the aroma republic has the best customer service and consistant products. fast service Tanja

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