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Herbal Incense Liquids on sale

Herbal Incense Liquids such as Cloud 9 Herbal Incense 5ml bottle has the same aroma qualities has the flower herbal incense but in a liquid form Herbal incense liquids are hard to find because of the manufacturing process involved in making this herbal incense favorite.  One more caution before sharing the ingredients and how to make […]

Herbal Incense Receptor Type 1

Herbal incense has always been used to help people with pain or anxiety or sleep. Here information Recently, synthetic cannabinoids originally designed for testing in the laboratory only have found use recreationally in designer herbal blends, originally called “Spice”. The myriad of compounds found are for the most part potent full agonists of the cannabinoid […]

Herbal Incense Vs Kanna Klimax Herbal Tea

What is Kanna? Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a plant native to South Africa known to elevate mood and induce euphoria. Kanna is also known as Channa and Kougoed, of which means something to chew on. It is a miracle plant popular for its sedation, euphoria and mood-enhancing effects and provides a spice alternative that can […]