Potent wholesale herbal incense blends

Wholesale herbal incense

A mixed order of the most potent wholesale herbal incense blends @ the most affordable prices!
Our Wholesale Prices are very low.

Here’s how our wholesale deals work out.
-You order in kilograms.
-You choose the different brands
-We package  as you want.
-From 1g, 3g , 4g ,5g , 10g , 15g or 25g packs

Example :
You buy 1000 grams(1kg)
You customize the order
– 250 grams Mad monkey in 5 gram packs
– 250 grams Diablo in 3 gram packs
– 400 grams Head Trip in 10 gram packs
– 100 Black Mamba in 4 gram packs.

wholesale pricing 01-18-2018