Herbal Incense Shortage?

Today I found out that there will be a shortage on Herbal Incense products for the next couple of weeks. You have probably noticed how your suppliers are out of stock on many products and have no idea when they will be getting more. You will also see the prices to start going up as the supply starts to run out and the demand builds.

So what do you do? You should make sure your supplier does not start giving you old lame products in the same bag. You should be with a trusted supplier like The Aroma Republic which has been in business since 2012 and has the best customer service.

Now what I can not tell you is how the product will be after the shortage is over and what the prices will be like. So my advice to you is to stock up now on the products you know and make sure you have a 3 to 4 week supply or what ever you can afford.

22 thoughts on “Herbal Incense Shortage?

    • Mark659 says:

      Don the prices are cheaper than ANYONE on the internet. PLUS we are the ONLY ones to put more AROMA.
      and our classic herbal incense are at $30 bucks for 10 grams. Who has a 10 gram back that is at $30 bucks? please show me.

      and in 1 week you will not be able to find it because of some things that are happening. We are the only ones with a HUGE STOCK of the STRONGEST AROMA

      I welcome your comments.


        • Mark659 says:

          Randy thank you for pointing this out.
          You get 20 grams of premium chronic for $100 bucks plus a free 4 gram or 5 gram jar.
          Randy if you like weak aroma than you can find a place to get $30 dollar 3 year old aroma bags but be careful
          the aroma is gone away and you end up paying almost $50 bucks with shipping, tax and credit card fee. And remember, you always get what you pay for. 🙂

          • Funky spunk says:

            I waste a lot of money ordering from other websites like herbal guru or crazy incense because their product is either missing grams or is weak or it is stuff with the wrong product inside. I think the guy who owns the website is a freaky crazy man that got lucky once.

            Anyway I like Aromatraders, buzzondemand and the new Aroma Crypt because of their bundling. I can pick what ever I want and save a lot the more I purchase and since I know them I trust them. I do not know what happen to bongsinstuff because the site is no longer up or working. A lot of websites I saw this week went down and what is the deal with aromasuperstore2.com ? I would like to know. peace out.

    • Mark659 says:

      Donv4356 sorry about raising the prices, but our prices are still lower than most Herbal Incense website and our products have twice the aroma. We always give samples and free products on every order, so this will more than make up. Plus if you have to buy twice as much on other websites than ours is still cheaper and less hassle. I welcome your feed back.

    • Mark659 says:

      Yes RavenRoy it will be. You and everyone else if you like it should purchase it while we have it in stock. No telling how long it will be until we get more.

    • Mark659 says:

      We just got a new shipment of Joker 20x and Klimax family of herbal incense products in last week. We are good for now but all websites are waiting on certain products that are in very short supply

    • Mark659 says:

      Thank you for posting Justin. You will never get counterfeit or B.S. product from the Aroma Republic since 2012 only the best product.
      Please mention this on your next purchase and tell them Mark Styles said to put a small bag of our Bizzaro on your next order.

  1. Trista says:

    Is Mr high better than bizzaro?? I want an aroma that is the strongest and best affects. I just purchased my first order from this sight

    • Mark Styles says:

      Mr. High and Bizarro are different. If you like super strong then Bizarro, Klimax , WTF, Monkey family, OMG and LOL
      Mr. High will get you there but I would say a 3/4 vs Bizarro is a 5/5

  2. Sapiens says:

    It’s gotten ridiculous. Prices through the roof. Coupons expire before you can use them. Shippings gone up. Sample gram bags are never in stock. You have to re-register every time you try to log in so theirs no way to keep your points. Doesn’t take MasterCard or Visa pre-paid gift cards. Almost have to wear a sign telling about yourself

  3. Randolph says:

    What these people dont get is the aromaroyal is cheaper better deals. Aroma Royal is only for people that purchase more than one bag. I can get premium aroma for cheap on royal

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