Herbal Incense Liquids on sale

Herbal Incense Liquids such as Cloud 9 Herbal Incense 5ml bottle has the same aroma qualities has the flower herbal incense but in a liquid form

Herbal incense liquids are hard to find because of the manufacturing process involved in making this herbal incense favorite.  One more caution before sharing the ingredients and how to make it, THIS IS VERY STRONG!!! When smoking dont overdo it every ingredient is psychoactive, so here goes. You Will need wild dagga  leaves about 7 grams (flowers), Indian warrior 7grams (dried buds), kanna 14grams (smokers cut unfermented) and finally salvia divinorum 20x extract .5 grams this ingredient maybe hard for sum to get, hint look on internet.

Herbal Incense Steps are below

STEP 1 if ingredients are not ground grind them separately

STEP 2 put ground wild dagga in a glass bowel big enough for mixing all ingredients.

STEP 3 mix in ground indian warrior buds.

STEP 4 mix in ground kanna.

STEP 5 mix in salvia

STEP 6 mix very, very well and that is it you now have 1oz.

Have fun enjoy and stay away from that VA crap that is either full of chemicals or does not work at all

Well that is one mans formula for making Herbal Incense Liquids that I found on the internet posted here for SEO Reasons.


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